Hello, we’re Roger and Joyce Bullard, doing God’s call to love and equip the saints at home and abroad. Our very unusual story is in the first two pages of our website by going here. It’s amazing how in 1957 God put an Oklahoma farm boy and Warren, Ohio steel-town girl together, gave them 4 kids in the midst of an agricultural research career that took them to the nations. In “retirement” it would be more of the same, except through Christian missions.

We’re glad you are here and hopefully we can learn from one another.

Page contents
1. Blog themes
2. Why the blog?
3. Conversations with you

Blog themes

In Neil Cole’s book Journeys to Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul, we learn that over our span of life, there are usually several journeys involved. That is certainly true for us as revealed in the website. But, at this juncture of our senior years, it’s important that we focus on our current involvement and share life lessons of how God prepared us and each of you for the road ahead and His destination for us to achieve during our time here on His planet.

1. Hidden Treasures – God has so many treasures for His children, yet so many of these we have yet to discover. What did God have in mind when He created us? How wonderful it is to discover treasures He has placed in others. How does this relate to the calling, vocationally and otherwise He intended for us even before conception.
2. Kingdom Advances Europe – We write a newsletter titled Kingdom Advances 40-70CEE that covers notable advances of God’s kingdom across the former USSR/CIS nations. This theme will be used to feature a top story for each month, the territory of which could be expanded to include all of Europe and Central Asia.
3. Kingdom Advances Military – We are involved locally with outreach to military individuals and families living in the in the Colorado Springs basin. The military is basically an ethos (nation, people group) too much neglected spiritually. Our posts will deal with spiritual preparation before deployment and assistance to individuals coming home and their families. With the drawdown of troops overseas, there are some deep-seated needs in those returning and their families.

Why the blog?

When we were in Central and Eastern Europe, 10 years after the wall came down, young men and women we talked with were especially curious about practical things in family life (i.e. vocations, parenting, goals etc.). When we asked them their vision for the future or where they would like to be in 5, 10, 20 years they were unsure, or even unable to respond. Communism had stolen thought processes like these from their parents and consequently from them. They had little understanding of their own purpose, identity, calling, vocation, or destiny God intended for their lives. Unfortunately, today this problem is rampant the West as well. This blog can make a difference wherever it is read.

We are still called to serve in missions abroad, but at our age, there are some limitations in what we can do on the ground there. In this Colorado Springs basin, we are very active “doing the stuff” with military individuals and families that we did in missions overseas. This blog is an instrument to express principles that God has given all of us for a great life as a Jesus-following ambassador for His kingdom.

These are three primary resource venues through we hope to achieve our quest.

1. As topical points, taken mostly from our unpublished manual Hope for a Future.
2. European applications, in stories of outstanding kingdom advancements there.
3. Military applications, in stories of outstanding kingdom advancements among those in uniform.

We relish the joy of being “virtual” through the newsletter, website, teleconferencing and this blog.

When we came home from Europe in 2003, front-burner in God’s restoration and reformation of the Church was for God’s people to understand that “ministry” is just as valid outside the four walls of the legacy church as inside. If God called us to be a mechanic, hair dresser, school teacher or sports figure, this can be your ministry. The model Jesus gave us is in Matthew 10:5-8 and Luke 10:2b-9. Luke 10:17-18 reveals the results. Other blogs provide excellent details of how this works today, but we will deal with preparation and stories of outcomes in this blog.

Making it a conversation…

Our intention is that whatever resources we have to offer or ways we can help will benefit others in becoming everything God intended. Our love for Him and willing contribution is a very unique and important part in advancing His kingdom. Here is the way you can help us help you:

• Comment on our posts so that we and others can respond.
• Subscribe to our Resources Ministry blog – get emails on the newest posts by clicking the “Get updates” button on the top half of the sidebar. It is easy to subscribe or to unsubscribe, but of course we would miss you.
• Ask to join and send your email address so we can add you to the distribution list for the Kingdom Advances 40-70CEE newsletter.


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